Individual Memorials

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Individual Memorials

Individual Memorials

EC200 - Individual Memorials


new concept - two gilded symbolic rings above a column in which cremated remains can be placed.

Dense Black Granite

Ring plinth 18" x 14" x 14"--Column 24" x 14" x 14"

EC201 - Individual Memorials


Books of life top a column in which cremated remains can be placed. An everlasting inscription on a parchment style panel.

Flint Grey Granite

Books 9" x 12" x 12"--Column 24" x 12" x 12"

EC202 - Individual Memorials


Another example of a column in which cremated remains can be placed - this having a book for two inscriptions.

Bahama Blue Granite

Book 12" x 23" x 13"--Column 24" x 14" x 14"

EC203 - Individual Memorials


Spectacular double headstone memorial for two inscriptions.

Blue Pearl Granite

Columns 36" x 14" x 4"--Base 4" x 36" x 14"

EC204 - Individual Memorials


This "Gates of Heaven" memorial is designed for 2 separate inscriptions.

Dense Black Granite

Columns 24" x 6" x 3"--Panels 32" x 11" x 3"--Base 3" x 30" x 12"

EC205 - Individual Memorials


Optional centre cross means centre area can be used for additional inscription.

Dense Black Granite

Centre 30" x 10" x 4"--Wings 27" x 11" x 3"--Base 3" x 36" x 12"

EC206 - Individual Memorials


A rich mixture of contrasting granites woth inlaid work on the columns.

Dense Black Granite and Warwick Grey

42" x 31" x 15" overall

EC207 - Individual Memorials


An internal window arch formed by adding a sandstone frame.

Dense Black Granite with Sandstone insert

Headstone 33" x 24" x 5"--Base 3" x 30" x 12"

EC208 - Individual Memorials


A memorial inspired by the Fleur de Lys - a stylised representation of the iris flower.

Galaxy Black Granite

Headstone 33" x 21" x 3"--Base 3" x 24" x 12"

EC209 - Individual Memorials


This temple style memorial features fully turned columns and canopy top.

Galaxy Black Granite

36" x 30" x 12" overall

EC210 - Individual Memorials


Turned and polished columns enhance this classic shape.

Sapphire Brown Granite

Headstone 34" x 24" x 4"--Base 4" x 30" x 12"

EC211 - Individual Memorials


Rich aurora granite carved roses and hearts.

Aurora Granite

Headstone 30" x 35" x 4"--Base 4" x 30" x 12"

EC212 - Individual Memorials


A magnificent latin cross with lettering area on the die below.

Dense Black Granite

Cross 16" x 12" x 4"--Die 24" x 28" x 4"--Base 4" x 30" x 12"

EC213 - Individual Memorials


A historical celtic wheel cross with celtic design.

Dense Black Granite

Cross 26" x 18" x 3"--Die 24" x 28" x 4"--Base 4" x 30" x 12"

EC214 - Individual Memorials


With a hand polished rope effect around the edges of the memorial.

Dense Black Granite

Headstone 32" x 24" x 4"--Base 4" x 30" x 12"